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Used Nissan Engines

Buying a Used Nissan Engine

So you are in the market for a used Nissan engine and ended up at Johnny Franks Auto Parts? You are at a great place to get started, getting your Altima back on the road with a few clicks of the mouse. Before getting started buying a used engine, make sure you understand what makes up a used engine and what is a rebuilt engine.

Used Engines and Rebuilt Engines Explained

There are differences in a used engine and a rebuilt engine that you need to know before making your decision. Both types of engines will get you back on the road with a difference of price, parts, cost of the engine and how much you pay for installation.

What is a Rebuilt Engine?

Rebuilt engines cost more to buy, cost more to install and you receive fewer parts for the money. So far it does not sound like a good deal but there is more you should know. A rebuilt engine comes as a long block assembly. That means no bolt-on parts like intake manifold, exhaust manifold, valve covers or oil pan are included. Before installing a rebuilt Nissan engine you need to strip down your existing engine, clean the parts well and put them on the rebuilt engine you have purchased. This takes considerable time with an increase of installation expense. The upside of buying a rebuilt engine is the insides of the engine have been reconditioned, cylinders honed, head remanufactured and new gaskets are included. When buying a rebuilt engine, expect to pay double the cost of a used engine.

What is a Used Engine?

Used engines have been removed from a wrecked vehicle, inspected, tested, cleaned up and ready to ship. When you receive a used engine the bolt-on accessories are removed but the rest of the engine is included. Depending on the type vehicle the used Nissan was removed from determines how many parts need to be switched over to make sure installation goes smoothly. A used engine will not have any internal parts replaced but if tested should give you years of great service if properly maintained.

Ordering a Used Engine

Now you know what buy the next step is getting your used engine ordered. To get started fill in the form on this page. It gets distributed to engine resellers all over the nation. This puts you in charge of who you buy from, the warranty you need and how much you are will to pay. Only use credit cards or PayPal to protect yourself in case there is an issue.

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