Junkyards in Washington

City of Seattle, Washington

Washington has something of dual existence: Seattle is an international transit hub and the state’s main port is the second-largest on the Western USA, yet its locals nevertheless have a solid desire to be at one with the environment. The state’s auto reusing program has actually, therefore, moved to meet those demands toward better sustainability. The very idea of Washington junkyards & car salvage sector today is one of making complete use of an automobile’s components and recyclable materials; even when cars are involved in a crash or can otherwise no longer be driven.

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This offer is a win-win for the state’s millions of homeowners, both in cities and smaller neighborhoods, as they have access to a big selection of components for even the rarest automobiles.

Washington has its own statewide industry organization, the (ARW) Automotive Recyclers of Washington. The organization provides workshops, vanguards state sector regulation, advises regional legislators, and also provides an accreditation process for its member WA salvage yards. They also outline fair company practices for their customers to remain in compliance with environmental regulations regarding mercury, scrap metal, and other state & government legislation. Collaborating with a ARW salvage yard is the most effective means to ensure quality service and fair prices for automotive parts and vehicles.