Honda Used Transmissions

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Find a used transmission for your Honda vehicle. We carry a wide variety of used Honda transmissions and drivetrain parts. Warranty up to three years on most Honda used transmissions. Search for a transmission model below.

When you buy a used Honda transmission from Johnny Franks Auto Parts, you will be receiving a high quality transmission at the best price. Your Honda used transmission can be shipped to your home or auto mechanic's shop where your Honda vehicle is located.

Latest Honda Used Transmissions requests...

1999 Honda Accord

Fits: [2.3 Liter, 2WD / Automatic Transmission]
Engine: 2.3 Liter
Transmission: 2WD / Automatic Transmission
Location: CHARLOTTE, NC 28269
1998 Honda CRV

Fits: [1.8 Liter, 4x4 / Automatic Transmission]
Engine: 1.8 Liter
Transmission: 4x4 / Automatic Transmission
Location: ROSEBURG, OR 97470
1998 Honda Accord

Engine: 3.6 Liter
Transmission: Automatic 2 Wheel Drive
Location: , CA
Notes: i hope i have the engine size right,its actually for my daughters car
2000 Honda Accord

Engine: 2.3 Liter
Transmission: Automatic 2 Wheel Drive
Location: BEALETON, Virginia 22712
2002 Honda Civic

Engine: 1.7l - 4 Cylinders
Transmission: Automatic
Location: Wilmington, Delaware 19808
Notes: transmission
2001 Honda Civic

Engine: 1.7 L - 4 Cylinders
Transmission: Automatic
Location: , Los Angeles, CA 90057
Notes: Honda DX
1998 Honda Accord

Fits: [2.3 Liter / Automatic 4 Wheel Drive]
Engine: 2.3 Liter
Transmission: Automatic 4 Wheel Drive
Location: , 27703
1996 Honda Prelude

Engine: h23 - 4 Cylinders
Transmission: Manual
Location: , 716 Iglehart Ave Saint Paul, MN 55104
Notes: 1996 H23 SI Prelude
2004 Honda Odyssey

Fits: [3.5 Liter / Automatic 2 Wheel Drive]
Engine: 3.5 Liter
Transmission: Automatic 2 Wheel Drive
Location: BUMPASS, Virginia 23024
2005 Honda Civic

Fits: [1.7l / Manual 2 Wheel Drive]
Engine: 1.7l
Transmission: Manual 2 Wheel Drive
Location: VANLUE, Ohio 45890
Notes: 5 speed manual transmission, as a whole unit that's ready to be used