Welcome to Johnny Franks Auto Parts, The Oldest Used Auto Parts Business In The Nation!

Quality Used Auto Parts, Exceptional Price and Service.

Here at Johnny Frank’s Auto Parts we set the standard for purchasing auto parts online. In fact, with over 30,000 satisfied customers to date we have not only discover better ways to sell our parts we have gotten pretty good at taking care of our customers. So whether you are looking to replace an engine, transmission, headlight, taillight or just about any other part on your car, truck or SUV you have found the right place! With over 80 million auto parts we don’t have a hard time finding the part you need and with over 25 years of combined experience we also dont have a problem finding the right one and with the right price!

Why Johnny Franks Auto?

  • Oldest Used Auto Parts Business In The Nation – Since 1910.
  • Huge inventory–if you need it, we got it
  • Guaranteed Lowest Prices
  • State of the Art Computerized Inventory Systems
  • We ship anywhere in the US
  • Standard and Extended Warranties
  • Experienced and knowledgeable staff


Now Selling New OEM Auto Parts!

New OEM Auto Parts

Surplus and factory over-run parts at a fraction of the original cost!


Back in 1910


Two expert mechanics, H. G. J. Frank and J. Will Frank, conceived the idea of buying and wrecking automobiles for the purpose of salvaging the valuable parts.

These men realized the wonderful opportunities this business afforded them and readily took advantage of it.

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